Press Release

EARTHDAY.ORG, Nile Rodgers and We Are Family Foundation Support #Education4Earth at COP 28 To Demand Climate Education for All Students

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (December 5, 2023) – EARTHDAY.ORG (EDO) is the driving force behind the annual celebration of Earth Day around the world and the leading advocacy group championing the importance of teaching climate education to all students globally. 

EDO is delighted to be joining forces with the influential We Are Family Foundation, (WAFF) a not-for-profit organization co-founded by the legendary musician Nile Rodgers. WAFF is dedicated to the visions of a global family by creating programs that promote cultural diversity while nurturing and mentoring the vision, talents and ideas of young people who are positively changing the world.

Nile Rodgers will be speaking at an #Education4Earth (E4E) press event at COP 28 on December 6th at 10:30 AM at the entrance to the Blue Zone (B1).

“#Education4Earth is the BIGGEST youth movement at COP 28 demanding governments around the world back climate education as a critically important tool in preparing the next generation for a changing planet,” said Johnny Dabrowski, EARTHDAY.ORG’s Global Youth Ambassador. “Young people need the right skills to manage this climate crisis and be an important part of a green global economy.” 

#Education4Earth is a coalition of over 100-member youth individuals and organizations all committed to putting the need for climate education on the agenda of every single government.

Nile and Rachel Parent, one of WAFF’s youth leaders, will address members of the coalition at the press event to show their support.

Nile, Rachel and Johnny, and youth activists from the #Education4Earth coalition will be joined at the event by other leading voices in the environmental youth movement – all of whom are championing the importance of climate education. 

Dr. Omnia El Omrani, the first-ever COP youth envoy, who took to the global stage at COP 27 where she was tasked “to facilitate the meaningful and sustainable engagement of young people” will be speaking. 

Omnia will be joined in addressing the group by 10-year-old Mavi Brilhante from Brazil, and the youngest speaker at COP 28. They will both add their voices to this powerful new movement.

“Kids can learn to take care of our planet at school,” said Mavi. “So, it is important to have education about green jobs on the curriculum.” 

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You can find additional information about WAFF, its programs and global community at ( @wearefamilyfdtn.