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What Endangered Species Are You?
Hawkbill Turtle

You got the Hawksbill Turtle!

Found mainly throughout tropical oceans and reefs such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Cuba, and Barbados, the Hawksbill Turtle is characterized by its distinctive shell pattern and strong, pointed beak. Its habitat makes the perfect destination for the turtle to feed on algae, coral, mollusks, jellyfish, and small crustaceans. The Hawksbill Turtle usually migrates in pairs for mating purposes, and has a lifespan of 30 to 50 years. Dangers like climate change and plastic pollution are leading threats posed to the Hawksbill Turtle species. The turtle is also commonly hunted for its shell, which is then used to make jewelry.
Sumatran Orangutan

You got the Sumatran Orangutan!

This mammal is native to the northern forests Indonesia, where it feeds on leafy plants, figs, and stems. They can be recognized by their shaggy reddish brown fur, although male and female orangutans vary drastically in size. Behaviorally, the species is considered to be persistent as it swings from vines and trees in search for a habitat, and typically travels in small groups. The Sumatran orangutan is extremely rare and is closely observed due to their critical status on the endangered species list. With an estimated population of 14,000, the species is rapidly declining mainly due to deforestation, destruction of their habitats, and illegal trade.
Red Panda

You got the Red Panda!

Commonly recognized due to its bear-like body and cat-sized shape, the Red Panda is native to the Eastern Himalayas, specifically Nepal, Bhutan, and China. The Red Panda is predominantly an arboreal species, meaning they are skillful in climbing and nesting in trees throughout the mountainous region.

The Red Panda tends to travel alone and occasionally feeding off of bamboo, fruit, or eggs from birds nests. The species experiences many threats including destruction of habitat due to climate change and deforestation, as well as hunting and poaching for the selling of their pelts.
Monarch Butterfly

You got the Monarch Butterfly!

This endangered species is commonly found in meadows where they enjoy drinking nectar from wildflowers. Traveling in large groups, the Monarch Butterfly treks great distances, ranging from Southern Canada in the summer months to Central Mexico, where they spend most of their winter season. The distance in which they travel makes the Monarch Butterfly one of the more intelligent species on Earth. The main threats to the species include deforestation, and therefore lack of habitat, climate change, and the loss of milkweed plants, in which the butterflies lay their eggs. "

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